Loha Prasart (Ratchanadda Temple)

Also known as the ‘Metal Castle’ for its distinct facade, Loha Prasart is reminiscent of the exterior of a ‘European’ style palace. Renowned as the only metal roofed Buddhist temple remaining in the world, this intriguing cultural attraction is ornately decorated in Thai style.

The central roof rises 36 meters above the ground and has a total of 37 spires, with 37 being the number of chapters of Dharma in Buddhism. Loha Prasart itself has five concentric square towers, each being taller than the other.

The outer, middle and centre towers are capped by cast iron spires, from which the temple got its name. Visitors are requested to make a 20THB donation in the box near the entrance gate at the base of the structure. Within a close distance to this attraction are the amulet market and numerous other temples and intriguing structures.

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